New World Women Collective


Hi! My Name is Olivia Rose Borowiak


Olivia Rose Borowiak, founder of New World Women, is here to make change. Supporting women to reclaim, connect, deepen & evolve.

Growing up in a town in UK, Olivia saw the impacts of living disconnectedly. Olivia saw her community living unconsciously and the outcome of not taking time to heal. People unhappy, discontent and looking ‘grey’. Caught between fitting in and following her inner nudges to make change, she went on a big journey of self discovery. Along the way sometimes feeling lonely, confused and unsure. 

It all came to a head when she had a healthscare, pre-cancerous cells on her cervix. She deep dived into women’s wellness and never looked back. She couldn’t believe all the things she didn’t know, after already being on a spiritual path for some time. She trawled the internet, bought a gazillion books, paid for lots of courses and pieced it all together.

She decided, she did not want other women to have to go through this painstaking task and wanted to create one space where women could explore feminine wisdom without spending all your life savings! One place where you can explore all the aspects of women’s wellness, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Where you can journey in a collective, feel safe, empowered and inspired.

New World Women is that place. A collective supporting women to feel empowered to reclaim their riteful wisdom of their cycle, connect to their bodies, deepen their journey with the feminine and evolve to become their most POWERFUL selves.


My Fancy
Third Person Bio

YA Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Period Coach & Aura Mediator

Olivia is a highly qualified and motivational Women’s Wellness Practitioner. She has been teaching yoga for 13 years and has gone on to gain CPD’s in other modalities, which has all contributed to her becoming the teacher she is today. 

Olivia has led Classes, Workshops and Retreats across the globe and impacted thousands of peoples lives with her wellbeing practices. Olivia has trained specifically in women’s wellness going from the more spiritual trainings of the Priestess Apprentice to focusing on the body when becoming Certified as a Period Coach & FEMM Instructor. 

Olivia has a wealth & breadth of knowledge from years of dedication to self development. This shows up in the way she continually evolves and educates herself to passionately share this wisdom with others. 

My Bits of Paper

Jocelyn Daher – Priestess Apprenticeship

Diploma in Women’s Health (In Process)

Certified Period Coach

FEMM Instructor

Womb Sciences for Yoga

Hormone Yoga Therapy Instructor

Aura Mediator

Yoga Rhythm Foundation Level (200hr) Teacher Training (Distinction)

Level Two Yoga Rhythm

Blue Butterfly Acrobat Teacher

Reiki Level Two

BA Choreography with Performing Arts

MA Cultural Events Management

Foundation in Nutrition

Introduction to Counselling CPD

Nector of Nidra