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Overwhelmed by a busy schedule?


Feelings of isolation? Sense of being the odd one out on your wellness journey?


Curious about holistic and spiritual aspects but unsure where to start?


The Daily Grind Taking it's Toll

Our Collective provides a varied timetable and catch up library as well as a vibrant community, supportive environment and experienced mentors. Receive personalised guidance and practical insights to navigate your path with confidence!

You want to unleash your inner radiance so…


Reclaim you wisdom of Cyclical Living, our sacred rite as women. Understand the rhythms of your body, your hormones and how to work with yourself, not against yourself. Find harmony with your hormes.


Take time to LOVE your body. Honour the vessel that you live in and deepen your connection to your wombspace. ALSO learn how to chart your cycle and discover your hormonal biomarkers.


Now is time to Deepen your journey to self and the Goddess. Connect to your HEARTSPACE and your WOMBSPACE to create a life you love, that deeply resonates with your truth.

I was stuck…
Until I Found Women’s Wellness and Unlocked The Secrets To Living A Magical Life

I’ll be honest with you

Getting to this point wasn’t easy

I was disconnected…

Growing up in a town in UK, I saw the impacts of living disconnectedly. I saw my community living unconsciously and the outcome of not taking time to heal. People unhappy, discontent and looking ‘grey’. Caught between fitting in and following my inner nudges to make change, I went on a big journey of self discovery. Along the way sometimes feeling lonely, confused and unsure.

It all came to a head when in the space of a few years, I suffered two traumas and had a healthscare, pre-cancerous cells on my cervix which led to having debilitating and painful periods. I took time out to heal from the traumas and deep dived into women’s wellness. I never looked back. I couldn’t believe all the things I didn’t know, after already being on a spiritual path for some time. I trawled the internet, bought a gazillion books, paid for lots of courses and pieced it all together.

Until I discovered the MAGIC of LIFE…

Not only did I heal my painful periods, I found a new magic to life and uncovered my purpose through Cyclical Living. Feeling completely connected to myself and the divine feminine I glistened with a renewed confidence, awareness and became my own best friend!

I decided, I did not want other women to have to go through this painstaking task and wanted to create one space where women could explore feminine wisdom without spending all your life savings! One place where you can explore all the aspects of women’s wellness, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Where you can journey in a collective, feel safe, empowered and inspired. 

New World Women is that place. A collective supporting women to feel empowered to reclaim their riteful wisdom of their cycle, connect to their bodies, deepen their journey with the feminine and evolve to become their most POWERFUL selves.

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps

To Ignite Your Feminine Power


Reclaim your understanding of your body and your natural rhythm with simple step by step guides. This really is the easiest and most empowering course you can go on! Live in harmony with your hormones.


Connect to your body, love your body and love yourself. Start understand yourself on a whole new level. When we understand ourselves we can work towards a life we actually LOVE and THRIVE.


Now is the time to Deepen. Deepen your connection to yourself, look at what you want and start to integrate the magic of life into your everyday. Journey with the Goddess to create a life you LOVE!

Discover Your Tribe of Wellness Warriors

Rekindle your spark, Take the first step towards a life infused with balance, wellness and connection

  Reclaim your wisdom of Cyclical Living, Connect to your body and Deepen your journey with the Divine Feminine. Join a beautiful Collective of women ready to support you, to find your most magical self!

Women's Wellness Practitioners ready & waiting to support YOU!

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A smorgasbord of Women's Wellness for you to try!

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In the Collective, You’ll Get



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Human Design, Shamanic Journeying AND SO MUCH MORE!

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Attend as many sessions as you would like AND Catch Up!

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.Watch yourself blossom and flourish through cyclical living and intuitive women’s wellness. unleash your radiance and elevate your wisdom with the New World women Collective.

Where every woman’s journey is deeply honoured

All is welcome here 

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